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Extended Car Warranties should be high

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Although extended car warranties can be added to a new car purchase, if you’ve just purchased a new car.

By extending the initial auto repair warranty you’ll enjoy the benefit the manufactures car warranty for several years peace of mind.

Depending on the manufacturer if your autos less than three years old the auto warranty can be transferred.

With a second hand car you should seriously consider purchasing your own extended car warranty. And you should really do your own research (this research is dead easy on the internet – it takes a few short minutes) and simply buy it yourself – Or you’ll be making a gift of a big fat commission.

Lets face it cars are getting more and more complicated , gone are the days of doing your own timing and messing about with a distributor cap. Nowadays you need a supercomputer to diagnose a faulty bulb, never mind any thing a tad more complex.

Of course also the days of cars broken down on the hard shoulder of a motorway seem a distant memory. That’s a situation we are all pleased to see only in history books.

All the consumer groups are looking after us with reliability lists for any car we are thinking of owning and this constantly keeps the manufacturers on their toes to keep improving there products.

However no matter which auto you choose you have to bear in mind that it’s a hell of a complicated piece of engineering. With thousands of moving parts. And it only takes one tiny fault or hairline crack in some small innocuous part to fail and cause catastrophic damage.

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