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Specialty Armored Vehicles

PROTECH Armored offers an array of speciality vehicles for riot control using high-pressure water cannon systems.

The MANTA Riot Control Water Cannon is protected from high-powered rifle fire up to and including the 7.62 NATO round. It is equipped with a 2,000-gallon water storage tank and can produce approximately 250 lbs. of pressure. This high-pressure water system provides multi-directional movement with joy stick remote control.

.Body and glass armored to 7.62 NATO
.2000-gallon main water tank with dual fill options and bottom drain
.Chemical and dye proportioning system. Air actuated flow meters give precise amounts of solution induction
.Joy stick control panels with full instrumentation to monitor conditions and levels of all components
.Ample storage compartments with a universal locking system
.High-pressure water dispensing cannon capable of multi-directional movement with joy stick remote control
.High-pressure chemical and dye dispensing cannon with adjustable spray stream features and remote joy stick control
.Dual, high-power halogen search lights mounted to the primary cannon
.Vehicle wash-down system, used to clean the outside of the truck after dispensing dyes, chemicals and also from foreign matter
.Four locking gun ports for firing handguns, high powered rifles, and 37mm launchables

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