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Racing Camera For Motorsports

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

To analyze the data from driving a vehicle such as a Race Car, a Motorcycle, Boat, or a Snowmobile, you need a on board camera that has real time data overlay. A data overlay racing camera with these features will also feature two different modes for recording specific data on to your videos. Having a viewfinder to display instant play back for on site analyzing of the point of view you are recording is another great feature you will find in a racing camera. Having a racing camera with data overlay will help you analyze your sessions and improve your performance! Put yourself in the winner’s circle.

Having Real-Time Data displayed on your racing video clips will give you information like Speed, G-forces, Lap numbers, and Lap times. A great feature to a real time data camera is that you can configure the data layout for a customized display setting. Being able to see your lap number, rpm speed, gear,lap time, and throttle for example, all at the same time is such a valuable tool for perfecting your racing and vehicle.

These racing cameras is an ideal tool for all motorsports enthusiasts. Record lap and split times, which can be overlapped to images with GPS manager software which these cameras include. With a integrated 3D accelerometer you will be allowed to get in-line and lateral G, which can be overlapped to images. With the tri-axial accelerometer it is also possible to see display images even upside-down, which can be quite helpful during installation to choose the best frame.

Getting the Best Deals at Online Auto Auctions

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Nowadays there are plenty of options available to those looking to buy a car, but with the busy schedules that most of us have and only a limited amount of time, prospective buyers face a number of challenges, often having no real chance to thoroughly inspect the vehicle in order to make a judicious choice. However, one option exists today that can help to ease those difficulties, and this is all thanks to the rise of computer and internet technology. By doing a simple search on the internet, prospective buyers will be able to find and benefit from the great selection of cars available of all makes and price ranges. One such site that has a full database of thousands of different cars up for bidding is Car-Auction. Individuals may also find their dream car being sold at government auctions, or even surplus auctions.

Online auctions are now a thriving business on the web. In today’s world of computers and globalization, anyone can participate in an auction while comfortably sitting at home, in the office or even at the library. Online auction sites now provide a user friendly interface and safe alternative in the process of purchasing one’s dream car. Prospective buyers can place their bid online in real time, all the while browsing through other catalogs and lists of cars. Online auction sites are useful because they save time, and there is no need to be physically present at a particular place in order to place a bid. Most wealthy people who are keen to buy top sports cars and luxury vehicles often use online auction sites to get the car they want.

Buyers Automotive has created the Online Auto Auctions website which offers quality pre-owned cars and vehicles along with some highly sought after and specialist types of vehicles. Regular updates are being done on the site, and its interface is user friendly. Registration is free and Online Auto Auctions offers 24×7 customer support and service to their users.

Another added feature of Online Auto Auctions is its ability to host inter-state auto auctions. Users can also specify their bidding amount in advance for an auction while maintaining their security and authenticity. The process is simple, and the user simply needs to log into the site, browse the online catalog for the auction and then set up a proxy bid.

A proxy bid database records and stores all the proxy bids that have been placed for a particular item. The bidder will then be notified by the system via email if another bidder has outbid him.

In the past, dealers of new and used cars had to put an advertisement in the newspaper, or distribute flyers or catalogs announcing the vehicles to be sold. Today, the ease of publishing that the internet has allowed has changed each and every aspect of advertising a product. All information about an event or a product is but a mouse click away. This, in turn, has saved millions of people time and money.

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