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How to Find a Cheap Car Loan UK

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Getting a car loan UK for buying a car in the UK has been simplified considerably over the past few years. It’s now possible for anyone who is currently employed to own a car, even if finance is a restraint, as car loans are now very easily available. There are many car loan lenders on the Internet waiting for you to approach them for a car loan UK.

Basically, there are two types of car loans in UK. These are secured and unsecured. Secured loans are characterized by the need to provide collateral to the lender, which can be taken over by him in case the borrower fails to honor his repayment commitment. Since the lender covers his risk with the surety provided by the borrower, the car loans interest charged by him is lower than the normal rate. Unsecured loans are provided by the lender, without taking any surety from the borrower and as such, the rate of interest charged by him is very high in order to cover the risk element.

Most borrowers are, however, interested in getting cheap car loan UK, so that the interest rate is low and consequently also the monthly payment is low and convenient. With a low monthly payment, the loan can be repaid in full in a shorter time. As such, it’s important to know how to get a car loan UK at a cheap rate.

Ways Of Getting Cheap Car Loan UK

As mentioned above, providing collateral is the best way to get a cheap car loan, as the lender feels confident that his risk is covered. Even if you are unable to provide collateral, you can do some research on the Internet and try to compare the offers of various online lenders, in order to select the lender with the minimum car loans interest. This will enable you to get a car loan UK at the most affordable rate.

Nowadays it’s not hard to find loan comparison sites on the Internet. If you’re worried whether these sites are reliable or not, just enter well-known sites like providing an A to Z of UK loan directory with background information on loan products and loan suppliers. can search for secured and unsecured loans from a wide range of providers to get you the best deal for your circumstances and needs. Read guides on the types of loans available and important points to consider before taking out a loan.

The best way to get a cheap car loan UK is to have a good credit score. Lenders pull your credit when you apply for a loan and if they find that your credit rating is good, they do not hesitate to give a low interest rate loan, as they can depend upon you to repay the loan. However, if your credit rating is not up to the mark, it might be possible for you to get a bad credit auto loan but the rate of interest will be high.

Another easy way to get a cheap car loan UK is to take a personal loan and buy the car with that loan. Personal loans are available at about seven percent or less, whereas the car dealer loans are available at about fifteen percent. However, the best way of finding a car loan with the minimum interest rate is to apply when your credit rating is high.

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