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Classic Cars, Muscle Cars and Hot Rods Available to Buy Online all over USA

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

There are various locations to purchase classic cars around the internet and all over the United States. These items can include classic cars, muscle cars and hot rods. They are simple to obtain and great bargains could be found in various resources. An individual would have a fabulous time looking for these items to purchase of to add to their wish list. It is the dream of almost everyone to own and maintain different styles of cars. They are available around the USA. These items could be purchased restored and as stock. They could also be found for cheaper by buying one that may need extensive work. An individual may choose to purchase classic cars, restore them then sell them for a profit. This method is an excellent venture for people that are avid car collectors, likes the styles of these automobiles or someone who wants to make a profit. Classic cars, muscle cars and hot rod can all be found for whatever reason an individual desires.

Several classified ads can be found on the internet for classic cars. The prices can range from very expensive to fairly inexpensive. This all depends on the customization of the vehicle. A person could locate a 1958 Chevy Apache 3100 for just a little over 10,000 dollars. There is a 1946 Mercury 2dr Coupe for sale for around 50,000 dollars. It is a beautiful item for from grabs. A 1955 Ford Thunderbird Roadster is inexpensive at 50,000 dollars. Usually, these classic cars are of show quality. However, with extensive research, a person could locate the car of their dreams that they can restore to a beautiful quality. An individual needs to be especially careful when they shop online for classic cars. It is vital to speak with the seller and have as much protection as possible.

Muscle cars could be located for sale as well. These vehicles are specialty stocked for an individual’s pleasure. Again, though a person could purchase these styles of cars for restoring as a hobby or a business venture. There is a 1936 Mercedes Benz for around 20,000 dollars. An individual could locate a 1939 Plymouth 4dr, which needs to be restored badly that still runs! This beauty is price for a cool 4,000 dollars. Some of the older models need to be restored to their original conditions. However, when a person does these themselves, they will save thousands of dollars of the price of the classic cars.

When a person rods the vehicle themselves they know exactly what they are receiving and how much time and energy is put into building a fantastic car for their showroom. Even though, a person could locate a hot rod already stock from several locations. A person could acquire a 1966 Chevy Nova 2dr Coupe that is completely stocked for 20,000 dollars. An individual may be able to purchase a fully loaded 1967 Pontiac Firebird 2dr Coupe for around 15,000 dollars. The skies the limit for what you can achieve with classic cars.

These classic cars can be located in a person’s hometown or around the internet without much trouble. It is wise to be cautious when dealing with car dealers around the internet. However, there are methods to ensure that a person well receive exactly what they are hoping for. A person will be pleasantly surprised when they purchase classic cars from online resources or local businesses.

Honda Racing F1 Team’s Welcome Return in Japan

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

The Honda Racing F1 Team is looking forward to their second home race of the season with the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix at the Fuji International Speedway, Round 15 of the FIA Formula One World Championship. The event will mark the team’s welcome return to Japan next week.

The Honda team has always managed to perform well in every Japanese Grand Prix. Button said, “The Japanese Grand Prix is always a very special weekend for the whole Honda Racing F1 Team as it is one of our two home races of the year. I have had fantastic support as a Honda driver at the Honda-owned Suzuka circuit in the past few years and the Japanese fans always create such a special atmosphere over the race weekend.”

However, this year would be more challenging as the race moved from its traditional Honda-owned home of Suzuka towards the newly re-opened Fuji International Speedway. Button said, “This year will be a new challenge for both myself and the team as the race returns to the Fuji International Speedway.”

While Barrichello said, “I am really looking forward to returning to Japan in my second year with Honda for our home race. The Japanese Grand Prix has always been a favourite of mine and the Suzuka circuit holds some very special memories as I won there from pole position in 2003. My experience last year driving with Honda for the first time was fantastic. The fans are so enthusiastic and really supported us throughout the weekend.”

Before moving to Fuji, the Honda Racing F1 Team is planning to stop in Odaiba. They would be attending to the annual Tokyo Motorsports Festival. In the event, Jenson Button and James Rossiter will demonstrate the thrills of Formula One to a crowd of fans through running the RA107 car in the streets of the city. Button said, “On the Monday before the race, I will be taking part in the Tokyo Motorsports Festival once again. This is a fantastic event and I had a great time last year driving our F1 car right in the heart of Tokyo in front of all the Honda fans so I am really looking forward to arriving in Japan this weekend and getting the fun started.”

According to Senior Technical Director Shuhei Nakamoto, “This will be the first time that Formula One has visited the new Fuji International Speedway.” In relation to that, they opt to give importance with the little time left for them to practice, as he added, “We have limited date on the circuit which makes the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday even more important.” While Barrichello said, “This year Formula One is returning to the Fuji International Speedyway for the first time since 1977. I last raced at Fuji in 1991 in Formula 3 but the circuit has been totally modernized since those days. It will be very exciting to race on the new layout and I am sure that the organizers will have done an excellent job with improving the existing circuit.”

Nakamoto also said, “The downforce levels required will be very similar to the last race at Spa-Francorchamps so we are prepared for a challenging weekend. Following the three-day test in Jerez this week, we have confirmed our car set-up and earo package for the race. We would like to put on the best possible performance for the Honda fans at our home race in Japan and achieve a satisfactory result,” holding on with the belief that their team have enough experience and preparation to get their race car, with sophisticated Honda spoiler, through the redesigned Fuji International Speedway circuit and obtain good results.

“The Fuji circuit is an unknown quantity so I will be studying the circuit layout with our engineers in advance of the race but we will only find out its true characteristics during our track walk on Thursday and the first few laps of practice on Friday. The re-designed circuit is another Herman Tilke special, and after the fantastic job that he did with Istanbul Park, it will be interesting to see how this circuit matches up. There is a long 1.5km start-finish straight which should allow for some overtaking combined with some exciting looking twists and turns,” Button said.

Button, together with Barrichello, is expected to give the best performance in the race despite having a quite crucial race this year. He said, “We are the first to admit that Honda have had a tough season this year, however we approach the final races of the season with continued motivation and will not stop pushing to take the maximum possible performance for the thousands of Honda fans who will be cheering us on from the stands.” And, Barrichello said, “Our car and performance this year has not been at the level we hoped for at the beginning of the season, however a lot of hard work is still going on back at the factory to improve our situation. We will all keep working very hard right to the end of the season and I hope to see further small improvements in our performance which will help us this season and in 2008.”

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